About Us

A.D. Corporation was founded by Mr. M. Dias in 2001 and for the last two decades has been dedicated to providing excellent service to orthopedic and medical practitioners.

Expanding to the Dental field a couple of years ago, We at A.D. Corporation are constantly striving to better ourselves in fulfilling the requirements of our clients and thus ensuring that We Stand Out as ‘A trusted and leading service provider’. Our focus is to positively impact the lives of all treated by our products.... because we care.

Companies Associated With:

Orthogem UK

Orthogem Limited is a UK based biomaterials company, which manufactures advanced Synthetic Bone Graft material, TriPore. Orthogem's groundbreaking and patented TriPore® technology platform have enabled the creation of a number of Synthetic Bone Grafts formulated for a variety of clinical applications, ranging from spinal to oral cranial facial surgery. Orthogem's unique TriPore® multiporous structure achieves optimum bone remodeling through its enhanced osteoconductive and bioactive properties.

Mectron Italy

Mectron has been active and successful in the dental field since 1979, developing and producing top-quality devices. The company has always stood out in the market for its continuous process of development and innovation and the excellent design of its products. Thanks to these qualities and to a sales network covering over eighty countries, Mectron has earned itself a position of great prestige in International markets. Mectron is responsible for some of the most important innovations in the dental field. Reference is made here to the first ultrasonic titanium handpieces, to the first LED curing lamps for composite materials, and, in 2001, to the first ultrasonic surgical unit for piezoelectric bone surgery. The Mectron range now consists of PIEZOSURGERY® surgical devices, surgical equipment, Piezoelectric scalers, Bicarbonate jet polishers, LED curing lamps, etc. Day after day Mectron continues to pursue the same philosophy of technical innovation and scientific research to which it owes its history.

GraMedica U.S.A

GraMedica was founded in 2003 by Dr. Michael E Graham, a successful, Michigan-based Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. In his practice, Dr. Graham specialized in the correction of foot and ankle instability, a root cause of many secondary conditions throughout the body. It had long been known that the underlying cause of many foot and ankle problems is excessive hindfoot motion. Frustrated by the limitations of available treatment options on the market, Dr. Graham was determined to improve patient outcomes by providing a revolutionary solution to answer this challenge. Dr. Graham invented HyProCure®, an Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) Device.